A platform to correct violations of the anti-concealment law

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A platform that provides an opportunity for Saudis and non-Saudis who are practitioners of economic activities to rectify their conditions, according to the Regulation for Correction of Conditions for Violators of the Anti-Concealment Law.
 Applying to correct their business conditions is available until  2022/2/16

Those whose status is corrected according to the regulations shall be exempted from the penalties prescribed in the anti-concealment law and other penalties resulting from the crime and its proceeds subject to correction, and from paying the income tax retroactively.

This service is only available in Arabic, therefor, Arabic speaking stakeholders can benefit from it.

Beneficiary Group
  • Merchant
  • Doing business activities (Saudis and non-Saudis)

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Mechanism of using the service

Service Steps A platform to correct violations of the anti-concealment law
  1. log in to the platform through the National unified access.
  2. Read the regulation list for correcting conditions.
  3. Add personal information for the applicant.
  4. Add facility (business) information.
  5. Applicant chooses the appropriate option to correct the condition.
  6. Add the parties involved in the Anti-concealment law violation.
  7. Read the agreement and commitment.
  8. Send the application.
  9. The Ministry of Commerce will check the application and will proceed with the option chosen earlier within 90 days.
Last Modified 25 Dec 2018